Why you procrastinate (for perfectionists)

Scrolling Instagram instead of working, cleaning instead of working, snacking instead of working ... these are all SYMPTOMS, not excuses.

What's really going on is your inner perfectionistic critic has set the bar impossibly high for you. So when you attempt to dive into work, she stops you dead in your tracks with:

"You have to do a good job."
"You can't screw this up."
"You need to do it right."

Which shuts you down and leaves you with a brain that feels like a barren desert.

You don't know what to say or do or where to start so you grab your phone because not knowing what to do when people are expecting you to know what to do (and feeling like you SHOULD know what to do) feels awful.

To add insult to injury, when getting started right away feels impossible with one project, it'll feel impossible with lots of projects.

& when starting feels impossible on lots of projects, projects tend to pile up.

And when the projects pile up your inner critic (who's also very conveniently keeping close track of exactly how many days you've been procrastinating on those projects, btw) gets louder and louder. Which makes getting started that much harder and that much more overwhelming.

Here's the truth:
You don't need more structure and you don't need the right system.

You need to learn how to turn down the volume on your inner critic so you can make starting any project or goal EASY (no matter how big and daunting it seems now).

From there, you'll feel confident when you plan out your day. You'll know exactly where to get started and what you can set aside for now (promise it isn't all important and some of it can wait - it already is waiting, ya know?). Work gets to actually be enjoyable and fulfilling. And you can get so much more done, every single day. And when you're getting the most important things done, you can actually create the work life balance you crave.

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