How to Start & Keep Any New Habit

GrettaJune 9, 2020


You only need to do two things: calendar it and track it.

If you want to start and keep any new habit, the only things you need to do are: put it in your calendar 24 hours in advance, complete the activity when your calendar tells you to, and after you complete the activity, write it down. Repeat. It really is that easy. I'll show I used this system for implementing a new workout routine but first, I'll take you through my history with working out and the pitfalls I used to encounter. I'm using working out as an example but this works with any new habit you want to implement.

I first started lifting weights when I was 17 and up until April of this year, I considered myself to be "inconsistently healthy." There were times when I would work out for months straight and there were times where I went full years without touching a weight or running a mile. In the last 6 years the longest I've gone without weight lifting is about 6-8 months. Even though my "off" times were significantly shorter, I was still wildly inconsistent. I just felt like I couldn't get it. I told myself I could never get into a habit or a routine with working out. It either felt really hard or it felt really easy and effortless. It seemed there was no in between. What was happening?

Two things: 1st, when it felt easy, I was being driven by motivation and accountability from workout buddies on the gram (heyyy LG sisters). 2nd, when it was hard, I let my old thought patterns take over. I didn't fully believe I was a person who worked out consistently. I saw myself as someone who was great at starting new workout plans but couldn't maintain it over a long period of time. When things got hard, and motivation was low, I would stop working out and I would prove myself right. See? You're not a person who can work out consistently.

How did I break this cycle?

1. I decided to start working out consistently. Specifically, I committed to working out 6 days per week on April 1st.

2. I put it in my calendar. On Sunday, I put in my workout times in my calendar for the following week (Monday - Saturday)

3. When my calendar told me to work out, I worked out.

4. During my workout, I wrote down the the date, the exercise, number of sets/reps and the weight I used. To make this easy, I kept the journal right next to my weights.

5. Repeat. I'm currently on week 11 of 6 workouts per week.

That's it! I've also used this same system with writing this blog (I'm doing 30 blogs in 30 days - this is day 19. If you saw my post on IG that said day 20 - I counted wrong. Math is hard.), significantly decreasing the amount of sugar I eat, and with budgeting. It works. If you want help creating new habits in your life - let's talk! Schedule a free consultation and let's get started!


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