You don’t need “deep work” to be productive

GrettaJanuary 21, 2023

Here’s my pet peeve with “deep work” / “focus time”

First, ADHD. I mean, need I say more.

Second, if you think your ability to be successful rests on your ability to do hours of deep, focused work, you’ll be actively delaying your success. And you’re going to feel fucking terrible about yourself.

Anything that's having you tamp down the value you put out - question it.

Third, you CAN BE VERY SUCCESSFUL working with distractions, working while your real life is happening, and working in smaller pockets of time.


Fourth, working in smaller pockets of time DOESN'T MEAN you aren’t taking your work/business seriously.

FIFTH, working on the fly isn't inferior to batching your work. You don't need to "take your business more seriously". FUN is an "action emotion" being serious (most often!) shuts you down - it's an "inaction emotion." If you want to take more action ... serious isn't gonna be your bestie.

Someone had to call out this load of perfectionistic nonsense and I'm happy to be the one to do it 😉

The end, happy Saturday!

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