Time Management Coach for Women

Time management isn't about following your calendar perfectly.

It's about enjoying your time AND getting the most important things done.


To do this, you need to know:


1. How & where to focus your time and energy. This allows you to stop feeling scattered and start moving the needle.

2. How to make follow through nearly effortless. No more stressing out and avoiding things for weeks only to have them take 7 minutes when you finally do them.

3. How to make and implement decisions confidently and easily so you can enjoy your work time and your downtime. This is how you'll stop overthinking and overworking and overperfecting.


When we work together, you'll learn how to master these 3 steps so you can feel calm, prepared and get the most important things done, even when life happens.


Here are the details of what it'll look like when we work together 1:1:

- We'll have 4 months of weekly 1:1, 45 minute calls over Zoom (16 sessions total)

- You'll receive a private Slack channel for easy communication and coaching in between sessions, as needed

- You'll gain immediate access to the Time Tools member portal so you can get started right away, even before your very first session



Investment: $6,000

You can join by making your payment below. After you make your payment, you'll receive a welcome email with next steps.

I'm really looking forward to working with you!


P.S. If you have questions, or if you'd like to make sure we're a good fit, or if you're curious if group or 1:1 coaching is right for you:
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